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Classes include fundamentals - Stance , Grip, Stroke and eye pattern.  I will help you develop a dependable, recognizable and repeatable process to carry you through the most common pool scenerios.  Other topics include Speed Control, Cue Ball Control, Position Play, Banking and Kicking.​  See the Instructor Certification tab for details on the Instructor Certification Course.
Lesson plans I personally developed  are used during instruction.  Numerous other references are also used and available to students while taking lessons ncluding DVDs by: Jeanette Lee (APA), Jerry Briesath (Pool School),   Freddy Bentivegna (Banking with the Beard).  Other videos and books include the Monk Collection, Billiard Sanctuary and many more too numerous to mention.
Several aiming systems are taught including:  "Ghost Ball" the Fractional Aiming System, Contact Point Aiming and Center to Edge Aiming System.  I also teach the  revolutionary "SEE" aiming system developed by Ekkhard Schneider-Lombard and used by Darren Appleton.

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