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Welcome to the Cue Chief Website! 
​You have reached John Harlach, a retired USN Master Chief and Master PBIA Pool Instructor, it's good to have you here!  This web site contains information about pool lessons that I provide in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  On this site you will find the program description, equipment provided, cost, location of instruction and instructor profile.  Click on the links find out more. 
Why take pool lessons?
Unlike videos, books, or magazine articles, personal instruction can help you find flaws in your stroke or technique, straighten them out and help you develop a consistent routine.  If you want to develop a solid foundation and improve your aim and your game, the best way is to take pool lessons.
What is PBIA and ACS Certification?
Professional Billiard Instructor Association (PBIA) and American Cuesports Alliance (ACS) instructors have demonstrated their playing and teaching skills before a review board of their peers, and are qualified to walk you through numerous basic and advanced pool proficiencies.  To find out more about the PBIA, ACS and BCA, click on the following links.
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