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I hold a Master pool instructor certification with the Professional Billiard Instructor Association (PBIA) formerly the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and a level 3 Instructor Certification with the American Cuesports Alliance (ACS).  I grew up on the west side of Cleveland and enjoyed the pool hall atmosphere of the 60's.  I frequently played at LaCues on West 25th St. and Carousel  on Denison Ave. - both are no longer there.
Playing pool came to a stop when I joined the Navy.  Most of my 21 year career was spent at sea in submarines - none of which had a pool table.  It was during my Navy career that I learned to be an instructor.  I earned a BS Degree in Occupational Education from Southern Illinois University and taught classes in Submarine School and at a Navy Reactor Prototype.  I retired from the Navy as a Master Chief and went to work in the nuclear industry.  Although I continued to teach and eventually earned my MS degree, there was little time for pool.
My wife convinced me to "get a life" and we moved back to Cleveland.  It was the best thing that I ever did.  I once again had time to shoot pool, fish and enjoy life.   I  got a job at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and I started working with the Veterans on week ends teaching pool and holding tournaments.  I enjoyed doing this so much, that I wanted to learn to do it right.  I attended the Cue-U instructor class in Rockford, Il. and earned my Recognized Instructor designation from the PBIA.  Later I continued my training at the National Billiard Acadamy in Colombus, OH and earned the PBIA designation as "Certified Instructor".  I continued training with Scott Lee and Dominic Esposito and now hold the Master Instructor designation.
Over the past fifteen years I have been both a student and an Instructor of the game.  I've had the pleasure of learning to teach pool from the best Master Instructors in the area including Scott Lee and Tom Simpson.  I  have also had the honor and privilege to work with WPBA Champion Jeanette Lee (The Black Widow).   Give me the opportunity and I will pass on the knowledge and help you take your game to the next level.
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