I currently hold an advanced pool instructor certification with the Professional Billiard Instructor Association (PBIA) formerly the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and a level 3 Instructor Certification with the American Cuesports Alliance (ACS).  I grew up on the west side of Cleveland and enjoyed the pool hall atmosphere of the 60's.  I frequently played at LaCues on West 25th St. and Carousel  on Denison Ave. - both are no longer there.
Playing pool came to a stop when I joined the Navy.  Most of my 21 year career was spent at sea in submarines - none of which had a pool table.  It was during my Navy career that I learned to be an instructor.  I earned a BS Degree in Occupational Education from Southern Illinois University and taught classes in Submarine School and at a Navy Reactor Prototype.  I retired from the Navy as a Master Chief and went to work in the nuclear industry.  Although I continued to teach and eventually earned my MS degree, there was little time for pool.
My wife convinced me to "get a life" and we moved back to Cleveland.  It was the best thing that I ever did.  I once again had time to shoot pool, fish and enjoy life.   I  got a job at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and I started working with the Veterans on week ends teaching pool and holding tournaments.  I enjoyed doing this so much, that I wanted to learn to do it right.  I attended the Cue-U instructor class in Rockford, Il. and earned my Recognized Instructor designation from the PBIA.  Later I continued my training at the National Billiard Acadamy in Colombus, OH and earned the PBIA designation as "Certified Instructor".  I recently finished Instructor Training with Scott Lee (Pool School) and I am working on my  PBIA "Master" Instructor designation.
Over the past ten years I have been both a student and an Instructor of the game.  I've had the pleasure of learning to teach pool from the best Master Instructors in the area including Scott Lee and Tom Simpson.  I  have also had the honor and priveledge to work with WPBA Champion Jeanette Lee (The Black Widow) and be coached by  Advanced Instructors Lance Kepler and Denny Stewart.  Give me the opportunity and I will pass on the knowledge and help you take your game to the next level.
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