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Analyze and Correct Flaws in Your Stroke (Video) - Cost $19.00

This video will show you how to perform a video stroke analysis.  You will learn how to make a shot template, set up the table, select and align a camera to capture an image of your stroke at different positions.  The video includes an example of a pendulum stroke and common flaws including, but not limited to ; chicken wing, elbow tuck, wrist curls, elbow drop, tight grip, improper grip position, shot approach and stance issues and getting up prematurely.  After you identify flaws, simple methods to correct these flaws are demonstrated.

Cue Chief Stroke Trainer - Cost $19.00 (Delivery included)

Develop a reliable , repeatable stroke using this trainer.  An adjustable tube slightly larger than the diameter of your cue is positioned at an angle matching that of your stroke.  Stroking through the trained develops muscle memory making the motion effortless.  The red outer edge of the trainer aids in shot approach and alignment to the shot.

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